About the Fusion Marketing Squirrel
When Fusion Marketing Services began in 2008, it was run out of the founder's home. Ironically, for years she’d work with a team of people in an office setting. So the transition to a home office took some creative discipline. Her dog of 9 years, Buddy, would often leave her alone to work in the office and would only interrupt when absolutely necessary (or when food was a lure). As time went by, Fusion Marketing Services grew more clients, more projects, and needed some assistance. Whenever brainstorming ideas was the effort, Susan would call her dog Buddy to the scene – likely not to be a big help. The dog would often not respond or simply walk away. One day, interesting enough, she tried the same tactic on the squirrel. She’d open the window slightly, so not to scare him away, and would proceed to speak to the cute member of the rodent family. Surprisingly, the squirrel never moved from the porch. Susan would take this as confirmation that the idea may work. Of course, not literally. As the office grew over time so did the help – now real people. The squirrel was no longer asked to validate and now simply became pure entertainment.
No Ordinary Squirrel.
We often watched it during a break, when we needed inspiration, or simply for entertainment. Our squirrel often humored us by watching us – as though stealing secrets. He’d sit perched on the front porch appearing to be consumed with the tucking or eating of nuts (supplied by our local trees) and peering inside the office. So, we felt the squirrel should a permanent place on our site with his binoculars in place. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen him and the office is no longer in the home. We think he’s followed us to our new location, now providing others with his insight.
What this Means for You, Our Client.
We’re humored by the small things in life.